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Dream. Love. Shop.

Σάββατο, 19 Οκτωβρίου 2013

'Retro girl'

 This weather really confuses me..You don't know what you should wear!A t-shirt or a sweater?A leather jacket or a jean one?Although,today the sun was shining,the birds were singing and everything was supposed to be good..haha.In other words,today was the perfect day to hang out with your bestie-who's going to return to Athens this night :( -, eat ice-cream(tiramisu mode ON),drink a cup of hot french coffee and finally take some pictures..
I just wanna let you know that i like october and guess why:4 days until my birthday!!
I'm getting older and older but who cares?
Life is always full of suprises and the only thing we ought to do is:close our eyes,grab the opportunities it gives us and don't let anybody fuck it up :)
Take care of you.
Enjoy your saturday night!



                                                                                   RetroGirl - 'Retro Girl'